The Importance of Regular Chiropractic Visits

Why should I return (especially I’m feeling fine)? “Delays have dangerous ends.” – William Shakespeare You entered our office feeling terrible and now you feel great. So why does your chiropractor suggest coming in again? “Why can’t I return when I’m feeling bad?” you may ask. “I Feel Fine” Health Care We’ve all seen people looking like death warmed over who say they “feel fine.” Yet they have no energy, sleep poorly, are tired, depressed, have aches and pains, headaches or backaches. Too many people who “feel fine” have a sudden heart attack, stroke, debilitating pain or are diagnosed with a serious disease. Sadly, too many people have lost touch with how they really feel. They’ve lost sensitivity or ignore their body’s subtle signs of disease. Don’t make that mistake! Why More Visits? Most people first visit our office for chiropractic care after they’ve had years of long-standing subluxations. By that … Continue reading