Is Chiropractic Maintenance Necessary?

Chiropractic Maintenance Question: If I’m feeling fine do I really need chiropractic care? Answer: More than ever. Why? By the time a person has symptoms they may have been in a weakened, disease state for a long time. Don’t wait until you have serious symptoms; chiropractic can locate hidden blockages or interferences to proper function (subluxations) now before they become more obvious and painful or disturbing later. Some signs of problems starting are difficulty sleeping (insomnia), low energy or fatigue, high blood pressure, allergies and digestive problems like gas, bloating, constipation or diarrhea. It’s sometimes helpful to think of chiropractic as you would dental care. For example, you may have dental cavities, an infected root canal or other dental infections and yet you may feel no pain. All the while, there is a problem silently festering, sometimes for years, that may be affecting your entire body and can ultimately ruin … Continue reading