Work Injury FAQ

What are the leading causes of work related injury? And how can work injuries be prevented? Obviously, some jobs bring a higher risk for injury than others (such as construction versus office work) but no jobs are completely safe. And factors like how long you’ve been on the job (experience at a task), the intensity of the work schedule and even employee age can also play a role in the likelihood of someone becoming injured at work. But rushed, careless, over confident or distracted behavior, over-confidence, improper training or simply making poor choices are by far the greatest contributor to workplace injuries. “Unsafe actions are responsible for 4 times as many injuries as unsafe work conditions.“ According to insurance companies, the 10 most common causes of worker’s compensation claims fall into the following work injury categories: Overexertion that results from moving or lifting objects. (Overexertion alone accounts for 1/3 of … Continue reading