Here’s what some of our clients have to say about Back2Heath and Dr. Meyers:

Head Pressure

A year and a half ago, I had a bike accident. Ever since that day, I have had constant head pressure. In the last year and a half, I have been to my primary care physician, an ENT, and a different chiropractor. None of them were able to help me. They all said I was having tension headaches.

Three years ago, I started seeing another chiropractor for convenience only. Big mistake. So as I was thinking about my health issue, Dr. Meyers kept coming back to my mind. So, I made an appointment with Dr. Meyers. After the first session, my head pressure was gone. I now feel like myself again. My energy is back, and I can clearly think again.

Prior to changing chiropractors, I had seen Dr. Meyers for 15 years, and the best chiropractor I have used in my 30 years of using chiropractic care.

Lesson learned: never change your chiropractor for convenience.

Still on the mend, but feeling great with every day. Thank you, Dr. Meyers.

Barbara J B

Crushed discs

It is such a joy to share my treatments administered by Dr. Meyers with others who have similar problems. I have had two crushed disks, which for 3 years caused great pain in my back and I couldn’t walk more than 5 feet. I wasn’t a candidate for surgery due to my age (89), although I was relatively healthy at my age. The pain gradually got worse to where I couldn’t even sit in a chair comfortably. I have taken pain pills but they didn’t give me much relief. I was in constant pain. Eventually, I had to get an electric wheelchair to get around. I had an epidural, physical therapy, and cortisone shot. None of which reduced the pain. Due to my back pain, I couldn’t do anything, which included shooting trap, walking, and gardening. I saw three doctors before I came to see Dr. Meyers.

Since I have started the treatments I can walk without my electric wheelchair relatively well. I have received a tremendous benefit from the treatments, which put my life back to normal again. I am planning a long vacation and shooting trap, which I couldn’t do for years. Dr. Meyers’ treatment is very unique from other physicians. There is no medicine involved, no side effects, and no pain.

I would recommend Dr. Meyers to anyone who has given up hope for healing. His treatments exceeded my expectations, to which I am very grateful for. Looking back, I don’t know what I would have done without his treatments. Thank you Dr. Meyers.



I started visiting Dr. Jeff for severe joint pain due to arthritis in the knees and hips. This had been an on-going problem for years! I have tried prescription drugs and they just “masked” the pain. The joint pain kept me awake at night, especially when the weather changed.

Since I have been seeing Dr. Jeff, the knee pain is completely gone (after just 3 weeks) and the hip pain is greatly reduced. I am able to walk, run, bend down, and sleep better. My energy level is greater due to healthier eating habits. Dr. Jeff recommended that I refrain from eating dairy and wheat products and I have seen a remarkable difference. I am able to sleep better, I have fewer sinus headaches, and joint pain has subsided.

I would strongly recommend anyone with arthritis issues to see Dr. Jeff Meyers.

Sheri Sessions

Low energy and balance

I believe chiropractic care is not just for those with serious injuries or chronic pain. Some of us are in good health and are very tuned iintothe rhythms our bodies. That was how I knew something did not feel right and I needed some help.

I started seeing Dr. Jeffrey Meyers this past winter because I was feeling very low energy and what little energy I had was stuck. Though I had no pain in my body, my posture was slumping and I felt ‘off.’ As a graduate of yoga teacher training and otherwise in excellent health, this lack of energy and sense of physical heaviness were very disconcerting.

After 10-12 subtle adjustments and acupuncture sessions, my energy is at an all-time high and my body once again feels strong and balanced. I have not had a cold or been sick in months. I am also enjoying the unexpected benefit of a creative energy that I never had before.

Dr. Meyers’ compassion and nonjudgmental nature made it easy to discuss my concerns and his intuitive assessment of my condition and course of treatment were right-on.

I am grateful,

JJ Huff

Whiplash injury

To Anyone Who Has Experienced Pain for TOO Long:

On October 22, 2007 I was involved in an automobile collision in which I was struck from behind by a motorist traveling 55mph while I was traveling 10mph making a turn. The impact was severe to my vehicle and moderate to my body. I went to the emergency room after the tow truck towed my vehicle from the scene; the rear end of my car was gone.

Upon arrival to the emergency room I was taken in for X-rays and the results took about one hour to come in. I had serious whiplash, misalignment of my right shoulder, and I needed to stay in a neck brace for the next few days.

After the accident, I attempted to resume life activities as normal; however, I had severe pain in my neck, back, and right shoulder and had much difficulty in utilizing my right arm and hand. I experienced fatigue, nausea, constant headaches, and I ached all over my entire body. I was not able to sleep at night and I was beginning to have cold sweats and nightmares. Believe it or not, this lead to intestinal problems and I soon became too weary from my symptoms and decided to get some help.

Around thirty days after my accident, I realized the prescription muscle relaxers, pain medication, and heating pads were not going to work. I sought out Dr. Meyers at Back 2 Health after hearing about his holistic approach to medical care. I wanted a doctor who was going to care about me as a person, find out what was really going on, and not prescribe me another series of medications that were simply going to mask the problem instead of healing it. Before I came to Dr. Meyers, the only other treatment I had received was from the emergency room.

On my first day, I explained to Dr. Meyers that I was having a diminished quality of life. I was constantly uncomfortable, unable to lift anything or bend, and if my headaches, nausea, body aches, and insomnia did not leave me soon I would be beyond repair. Immediately Dr. Meyers expressed to me his concerns, how he thought he could best help me, and offered a variety of methods to offer immediate relief.

Dr. Meyers and I made a plan that was right for me; it consisted of electrical stimuli, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. After one week I was able to sleep better throughout the night. After a month I could use my shoulder and the tingling in my arm went away. After two months I was no longer suffering from the headaches, body aches, or any of my original symptoms. After a period of time my shoulder would need realignment until it healed. I am proud to say, it has been four months since my car accident and I feel GREAT! Not only am I able to do all of the things I used to enjoy, but my overall health has improved so drastically that I was able to come off of all prescription medication I had been on for several years…at last FREEDOM!

The treatment at Back 2 Health is different in the sense that it is the complete package. Patients are getting treated from the deep roots of the problem, not simply getting prescribed some medications that are going to band-aid a wound. Dr. Meyers has a great personality and makes you feel welcomed to the treatments that may not be so familiar. He also takes the time to listen and actually care about how you feel. In almost 27 years I have never had such a wonderful doctor!

If you are reading this, you are probably seeking a doctor for some sort of pain that ails you. It is imperative to know that you can rest assured that you are in the right hands. If anyone can cure you and make you feel a lot better than how you feel now, Dr. Meyers surely can. His methods may be a little out of the ordinary, but his results are extraordinary!

Good luck, best wishes, and get well soon. If you see Dr. Meyers, tell him I said he is fantastic, after all…he healed me and I feel spectacular!

Completely Healed,

Jennifer Conner

Severe lower back pain

It’s with pleasure that I take this bit of time to tell you how grateful I am to Dr. Jeff. So at the outset, let me clearly thank you for setting my mind at rest by helping my back to find a less painful way to line up: Thanks, Jeff.

As an eager new yoga student, but one in her sixth decade, I believe I destabilized my lower back as a result of over-exertion and overconfidence in my physical ability. This event triggered a number of problems; the worst two were extreme pain and an inability to walk normally. Due to my age, the fear of losing flexibility created a feeling of panic. After all, I became serious about yoga as a strategy to forestall the debilitating effects of aging.

The pain I experienced radiated throughout my lower half, that is, mid-back, lower back, hips, knees, and even into my calves and ankles to a degree. This kind of thing had occurred before and I remembered it as a pinched nerve. The pain was extreme and unrelenting. I had no effective method of self-remediation that was quick enough to satisfy me, except to find an expert. In the past, I had worked on a similar problem with and acupuncturist and his wife who was a chiropractor; and although the course of treatment took about a year, it had worked well.

So, I took myself to see Jeff Meyers, chiropractor and acupuncturist, who, in the recent past, had helped my son and my brother with other problems. True to my expectations, Jeff cleared much of the pain from my body in what I consider record time.

From the first visit, relief; with each successive treatment, the level of physical discomfort diminished and my other problem, fear, gave way to confidence. I know I’ll be okay if I’m patient, observant, and remain active.

I’ve been pleased and impressed with Jeff’s in-depth assessment at the beginning of our work together; his calm, efficient manner throughout; and his ability to painlessly deliver treatments that bring noticeable relief over a short course of treatment. I knew nothing about meridian therapy until I experienced it in his office. Now I look forward to that part of my visit because the sensation is so unique. Twenty minutes of stimulation to my lower back is almost indescribably pleasurable.

Unlike some doctors, Jeff’s focus seems to be on quickly getting the patient well with the least amount of inconvenience: in my case, there were no potentially scary “twist and pop” adjustments and no amount of angst over the cost of treatment. Jeff immediately put those concerns to rest by telling me in the first visit about how long it ought to take for me to heal. His prediction was accurate. While costs for my treatment are out-of-pocket, the cure has not been an exorbitant expense, and for this I am grateful, as well.

I’ve been telling people about Jeff since I met him. When I first came home to Omaha to care for an elderly parent, I had recommended to her that we consider chiropractic treatments for her lifelong back troubles. I checked the yellow pages, made a few calls, and based on intuition and good luck, chose to take her to see Jeff Meyers. My mother eventually decided not to be treated, feeling her case was too long-standing to have a chance at getting better, but I came away from that encounter thinking Jeff was great. It seemed that he had taken time and had shown sympathy to my mother that went beyond the usual professional consultation.

I continue to enthusiastically recommend his services, as I always will. Jeff has proved himself a talented healer several times in my experience; he instills confidence, is generous with information, and gentle in his approach. And, of course, now I can go dancing!


Cary Vigneri


I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety at age 30. Once diagnosed, I was able to look back and see that I had had these symptoms since my teen years. I was started on medicines, but I still had some break through periods when the depression and anxiety would interfere with my daily activities. Some of these were quite severe episodes and I would need to go in and get a tune up with my medications and then wait to see if they would be effective.

Recently my depression and anxiety became so severe that it was affecting every aspect of my life. I was a basket case and couldn’t make it through a day without crying. I was always worried and frequently irritable and I didn’t like how it was all affecting my relationship with my family.

After talking with a friend (whose young daughter had recently been diagnosed with depression and anxiety and was being treated by a holistic chiropractor); she recommend that I try this approach. I was a little hesitant at first, but because I had begun to feel so bad, I thought I would give it a try.

Well let me tell you, this was the best thing that I had ever done. After only 2 or 3 acupuncture treatments I began to feel better and after a month, I was much much better.

I also made some changes to my diet and restarted exercising. All helped to bring me back to my old self again; a happy, confident person.

I would highly recommend acupuncture treatments for the treatment of depression and/or anxiety; in fact, I have already done so with many friends and coworkers.

Thanks so much

LISA, from Bellevue


I am writing to thank you and your staff for your help over the last few months. Back2Health has helped me manage the pain caused by arthritis in my hip. Since coming to Dr. Meyers for treatment, I’ve been able to resume my martial arts and other sports activities at much the same level as before the arthritis. In addition to the chiropractic care, Dr. Meyers gave me advice on managing my condition through stretching, diet modifications, and supplements. Taking his advice has helped me reduce frequency of visits to his office and eliminate the anti-inflammatory drugs I was taking for the problem. I would highly recommend Dr. Meyers for help and advice on treating any chronic pain condition.

Thanks a million to you and your staff!

Warm regards,

Sue Jones

Hip problem

I started having my hip problem back in 2001 and saw my doctor who recommended physical therapy. He said I had some arthritis issues. After going to physical therapy approx. twice a week for 4 weeks I seemed to be a little better but still had pain on and off. I then nursed it along for a few years, avoiding activities that seemed to aggravate my condition and taking pain reliever. After another trip to the doctor, who again recommended physical therapy, I started to think that this was the standard “cure” given by most physicians; and from my past experience, it didn’t work. Maybe it works for some, but not for me. By the time I was introduced to Dr. Meyers, I was taking at least 9 Ibuprofen a day and limping like I was 80. My brother had been going to Dr. Meyers and highly recommended him. I was ready to try anything at this point. I can honestly say that, after receiving treatments from Dr. Meyers, I no longer limp, I no longer take 9 Ibuprofen a day and I actually have “pep in my step.” No doctor or physical therapist was able to do that for me. The thing I really like about Dr. Meyers is that he also incorporates healthy eating and a vitamin regimen along with his treatments, which has taught me to be more aware of what I am eating. I know that most doctors will tell you the same thing – to eat healthy – but Dr. Meyers actually educates you on foods that aggravate your condition. I was really impressed with that.

I would highly recommend Dr. Meyers to everyone.

-Diane Hayduk

Shoulder and arm pain

For two or three weeks I had right shoulder blade and right arm pain. After seeing a GP, who sent me to physical therapy (eight times in three weeks), and having an MRI which concluded I had “degenerative changes,” I found no relief and was in excruciating pain 24-7.

Skeptical about chiropractic, I decided to give Dr. Meyers a try and in less than a week I started to feel better.

His “hands on” gentle movements on my neck and instructions for a lifestyle change in my eating habits of anti-inflammatory foods (no grains, dairy, or sugar) were amazing! I love fruits, vegetables, and dark chocolate and have lost over 20 lbs. in three months. My energy level is much higher and I require a lot less sleep.

Thank you, Jeff!

-Becky Overmann

Quitting smoking

I had quit smoking for nine years. Then three years ago I started smoking again. I would quit but it would never last. I saw one other doctor and used Wellbutrin, but I would quit for three to six months and then go back to smoking.

I only smoked outside, and when I came inside everyone would complain about the smell. I haven’t smoked in 4 months. Now when a smoker walks by me I think it smells really bad. The cravings are gone. I like the fact that I don’t have to take pills, chew gum, or wear a patch because they are still nicotine.

I also found acupuncture relaxing. There wasn’t any withdrawal to speak of. I’m just grateful I’m not smoking. My father died of lung cancer, and the doctor said it was directly related to smoking.

Thank you, Dr. Meyers

-Pat Luke


I am a mother because of Dr. Meyers’s work. After several miscarriages and infertility treatments, I sought his help through acupuncture. My daughter is a year old and our greatest blessing!

-Angie Madsen

Shoulder problems/Foot pain

My left shoulder becomes very weak and sore – with routine treatment the movement is much better and the pain is gone.

I have had soreness on the balls of my feet, and after a few weeks of treatment the pain is gone (going!)


Leg pain

I came to see Dr. Meyers after going through severe pain in my right thigh. My first treatment was like a miracle, after undergoing multiple treatments, I no longer suffer with my thigh pain. I could not have done it without his help. He’s a great doctor!

-Edna D.

Back/Hip and leg pain

A few years ago, I was down and couldn’t get up. I literally crawled into Dr. Meyers’ office and walked out. I was also bothered with extreme discomfort in my hip and leg and Dr. Meyers has reduced that to a minimum.

-Larry Stephens

Shoulder problems

In January  I went to Jeff Meyers to get help for my left shoulder so I could raise my arm above my shoulder. He helped me achieve this by September and it gave me relief. I am very grateful for the relief.


Rotator cuff tear

As an active golfer and tennis player, I was dismayed to hear surgery may be necessary to repair a rotator-cuff injury. After several visits to Dr. Meyers, I not only didn’t need surgery, but I was also able to add 25-30 yards distance to my golf game.

Thanks much to both Dr. Meyers and the chiropractic method.


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